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Buy Runtz strain

Buy Runtz strain. Zkittlez and Gelato



Buy Runtz strain

Buy Runtz strain. A hyped Cookies Family strain, Runtz is a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato that is rare and sought-after. Celebrated for its incredibly fruity profile that smells just like a bag of sugary candy, the strain has resin-drenched buds that range in color from rich purple to lime green.

Runtz is also noted for its creamy smoke that is smooth and welcoming alongside a euphoric and elevating high that lasts for hours. It’s no secret that, candy dominates the edibles market.

Buy Runtz strain. Chocolates, gummies, lollipops, mints — they’re always near the top of the counter. Some of that sugary fun has crossed over into the strain world, too, with varieties like Zkittlez, Kush Mints, and Candyland all-seeing various levels of success over the past  years, But none of them have grabbed potheads by the tongue like Runtz strain.

Buy Runtz strain. Runtz Strain,  Originally a child of a Gelato #33 phenotype and Zkittlez, this strain had a huge 2020 and has since sprouted a family of phenotypes, with White and Pink Runtz Strains becoming popular strains on their own.

Although Colorado got in on the Runtz game later than California, the movement is up and running now as some of the state’s most popular dispensaries and cultivators jump on the bandwagon.

Buy Runtz strain. The strain’s visual appeal is hard to deny, and Runtz’ Strain’s vibrant packaging is an instant draw at the store — but the flavor profile and height aren’t anything new.

Sugar-laden buds and flavor with a strong, even-keeled high could describe half the flowers in Denver right now.

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