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Buy New Glue Strain

Buy New Glue Strain

Buy New Glue Strain. GG5, sometimes referred to as “New Glue,” “Gorilla Glue #5,” and “Gorilla Glue 5,” is a hybrid cannabis strain created by GG Strains. A strong hybrid of Original Glue (GG4) and Sister Glue (GG1) is called GG5. As promised, GG5’s effects are reported to leave users feeling “glued” to the sofa and extremely relaxed. Patients searching for an effective pain reliever, muscle relaxant, or sleep aid should keep GG5 on their radar because it has a strong diesel flavor and stupefying effects that are said to be heavier than either parent strain. Owing to GG5’s extreme strength, this strain is better left to seasoned cannabis users. Growers report that GG5 develops into a branched plant with.

THC Contents between 23% and 30%

Buy New Glue Strain. GG Strains created a strong hybrid of Sister Glue and Original Glue. New Glue, as the name implies, can leave you feeling amazing while lounging on the couch. a hybrid with a dominant Indica strain composed of 20% Sativa and 80% Indica (%). It can be a strong strain with mild to intense effects, ranging from 23% to 30% THC.

Buy New Glue Strain. New Glue’s effects include deep relaxation that ties you to the couch. This is the kind of cannabis strain that many users wish they could have more of. Your mind can be filled with euphoric, cheerful, and joyous sensations to provide the amazing reaction that people are seeking. Possessing the appropriate advantages can inspire creativity and provide you a fantastic high that



Buy New Glue Strain

Buy New Glue Strain. New Glue (GG5) Strain developed by GG Strains, this bud is a potent cross of Sister Glue (GG1) and Original Glue (GG4). New Glue (GG5)  Strain will leave you glued to the couch in a peaceful, relaxed state. A strong diesel flavour is part of the experience of this strain coupled with stupefying effects. If sleep aid, muscle relaxant and pain relieving is needed try this potent strain. This strain will delight you with a branchy plant that sports large buds.

Buy New Glue Strain. Branding a product can be difficult, and when a strain undergoes a name change, getting the word out that it’s still the same bud can be even rougher. Such is the case with New Glue, a bud that many might know as Gorilla Glue #5. Bred by GG Strains, this potent plant is a cross between Sister Glue (GG1) and Original Glue (GG4).

Buy New Glue Strain. Anything with the word Glue in the name should instantly clue you into just how strong it will be, and as you’d expect, New Glue tops out at a whopping 30% THC. These dense, lumpy nugs are completely covered in trichomes and feature more brown pistils than you typically find. If you’re into a strong and savory bud, this one’s for you, with smells and flavors that blend earth, pine, and diesel for an experience that’s super potent.

Buy New Glue Strain. Do you have things to do today? Get them done well ahead of your toke time, as New Glue puts you down for the count with ease. As the name entails, users find that they are glued to their couch, and with strong genetics and a potent cannabinoid makeup, are you really that surprised? Like many other indica-dominant buds, your relaxation will be prominent but so will your improved mood, hunger level, and even your state of arousal. Eat what you can and get your fun in toward the beginning of the high because as your comedown hits, you’ll likely be falling asleep.

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