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Stress • Pain • Fatigue • Depression • Anxiety



Buy Jet Fuel Strain.

Buy Jet Fuel Strain. Jet Fuel strain is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that provides a calming effect described as balanced and cerebral. This cultivar has an earthy aroma and savory diesel taste. This hybrid is best used during the evening.


Stress • Pain • Fatigue • Depression • Anxiety

Buy Jet Fuel Strain. Jet Fuel Gelato is a hybrid cannabis strain that is the result of crossing Jet Fuel G6 and Gelato45. This is strong marijuana, coming with a moderately high THC content of 23%. The effects of smoking Jet Fuel Gelato buds are a balance of relaxation and focus. The buds look very nice, too, with shades of light and dark green contrasted by notes of purple.

Taste and Aroma of Jet Fuel Gelato

Buy Jet Fuel Strain. This cannabis has a pungent aroma that has the smell of diesel-like fuel. This smell is accompanied by some sweet notes. The taste of this weed is sweet. It also has a strong flavor with an aftertaste of pine. The dominant terpene in this strain is Limonene that is usually associated with flavors of diesel and fruits, among others.

Primary Effects and Usage

Buy Jet Fuel Strain. When you first smoke the buds, you will feel strong Sativa effects of upliftment and euphoria. These will then fade away into a more relaxed feeling that is almost dreamy. However, throughout this feeling, you will remain functional and focused. The overall effects of smoking these buds are quite balanced, making it a good weed to smoke during the daytime. The THC content might be too much for beginners, though, so discretion is advised.

Because of its uplifting and relaxing effects, this marijuana strain is also helpful in treating medical issues like stress, depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, and nausea.

Growing Information

Buy Jet Fuel Strain. If you want to grow your own Jet Fuel Gelato plant, you can do so indoors out outdoors. Growing this strain requires some experience, though. It has an average yield of 12 to 14 ounces per square meter if grown indoors and 14 ounces per square meter if grown outdoors. The height of this plant can reach up to 6 feet indoors and up to 10 feet outdoor, so make sure you have enough space. You can expect the buds to be produced in 63 to 72 days.

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