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Buy Billy Kimber OG strain

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Buy Billy Kimber OG strain

BILLY KIMBER OG Strain by Garrison Lane is a unique Indica dominant OG phenotype hand chosen. This exquisite OG cut bears the undeniable earth and spicy flavor profile of all great OG. It reeks overwhelms of pungent gasoline and freshly cut pine. It produces a heavy buzz and cerebral invigoration great for those that seek a great pre-bedtime relaxation.



Buy Billy Kimber OG strain
Billy Kimber OG strain
Billy Kimber OG Strain is a 70% Indica dominant variety of cannabis with extremely potent THC levels. This strong Indica averages 30% THC!.
Buy Billy Kimber OG strain.  This is more than enough mighty pungent power to get the job done for just about anyone. The Strain makes for great edibles thanks to its intense THC levels.
 It is said to be a phenotype of the legendary OG Kush that produces bright green buds wrapped in a blanket of sticky amber-colored trichomes.
Buy Billy Kimber OG strain. The flavor and aroma of this  Strain or OG have hints of pine, spice, and herbs.
This heavy-hitter is known to cause coughing fits that leads to dry mouth. It is said to create a delightful and relaxing buzz that leaves most people feeling very sleepy. Furthermore, many consumers, report this to be a great strain to fight off the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, and more.


Buy Billy Kimber OG strain. Billy Kimber’s THC levels average around the high 20 percentile mark and at times can be higher than 30%. Reviewers have said that it’s best to take it slow with this strain as the average serving size they’d used for other strains was usually a bit too for this one.

Buy Billy Kimber OG strain

 TASTE AND AROMAThe scent and taste of Billy Kimber are sweet and herbal with a touch of what some have called limeade. The citrus aspect is sweet but faint and found when inhaling its aroma deeply. Cured nuggets of this strain are bright neon green in color with yellow hues and amber pistils.

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