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Venture through tropical wildernesses and intriguing timberlands and find the rich, complex aromas at the heart.

Our Golden Aroma Oil has a fascinating, multi-layered fragrance with sweet notes and a basic naturalness that carries a charming warmth to your home.

Golden Scent Oil for Candle Making
This Golden Premium Scent Oil has been explicitly formed to make an enduring fragrance, and is ideally suited for use in cleanser and candle making as well as in oil burners and diffusers.



Buy Amber Oil

Fossilized Golden Oil
While there are a few hotspots for Golden all through the world, Eden Botanicals is the sole source in North America for this uncommon type of Fossilized Golden Oil. Contrasted with the oil extricated from Baltic Golden, our Fossilized Golden Oil is removed from 35-million-year-old Himalayan fossilized tree resin.1 Dissimilar to our oils from living plants, there is no rejuvenating oil that can be straightforwardly gotten from the fossilized sap. All things being equal, the oil comes from an interaction called “dry refining” by which the Golden sap is handled over high intensity until a sleek substance is gotten.

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